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Product Review: Geek Candles!

I may or may not have a minor candle addiction, and I love shopping with and supporting small businesses, so it’s only appropriate that my first “official” post is on the two geek candles I just bought!  Both candles I’ve had for about two weeks, and are between 1/3-1/2 burnt.

Candle 1: Sherlock’s Study by Frostbeard Studio

I’ve always been a Sherlock Holmes fan, and I’ve wanted to buy this candle for ages.  Let me say, it does not disappoint.  It’s marketed as having a “pipe tobacco, cherrywood, and fresh rain” scent, and I can definitely pick up on the cherrywood and tobacco.  It creates a warm, almost sweet scent that easily fills the room in a way that makes it present, but not overwhelming or suffocating.  I was expecting more of a tobacco scent (since that’s what I always associate with the traditional portrayal of Holmes), so I was pleasantly surprised at the final product.  I’ve had it for maybe two weeks, and it’s already becoming one of my go-to scents.

Frostbeard’s entire line is book and nerd-themed, so I definitely plan on ordering more once I finish burning through this one.

Pros: strong, but not overwhelming scent; clean burn; fast shipping (purchased and at my door in under a week)

Cons: Relatively expensive ($18 for 8oz candle); would like more of a tobacco scent

Sherlock’s Study can be purchased both through Frostbeard’s website (candle, tart, sample pack) or from Frostbeard’s Etsy page (candle, tart, sample pack)

Candle 2: God of Thunder by Fictitious Fragrances (currently unavailable)

Like Sherlock’s Study, I’ve also been eying this candle for a long time.   One of my favorite scents in the world is the world right after it rains, and this candle almost perfectly captures that scent.  It’s described as having a scent composed of  “ozone, rain, and light musk”, and you can easily pick up on each of those elements.  It’s also a very present scent, but it’s in no way overwhelming, just like what you’d expect outside (or if you got the chance to hug Thor himself).

I also want to give major props to Fictitious Fragrances’ customer support.  Etsy sends an email once the shipping label has been printed, and I was concerned when it had been a few days and the shipping status hadn’t changed.  I sent them an email asking if I could do anything from my end to help, and they were very apologetic.  They even threw one of their Klingon Bloodwine chapsticks in as an apology (totally not necessary, but I absolutely love it).

Pros: great, clean scent; comparatively cheap ($13 for 8oz); amazing customer support

Cons: scent isn’t available anymore

Fictitious Fragrances can be purchased through Etsy.


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