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Introductions and Whatnot

“Start a blog!” I’ve been telling myself for who knows how long.  I’ve seen friends start their own and become successful through it, and it always seemed like fun.

So that’s what I did, and then I started thinking about what on Earth I could blog about…

Am I a writer? No.

Am I a fashionista? No.

Am I at least an expert in something? Also no (at least for now).

But I AM a geek in almost every sense of the word!  And this, my internet friends, is what will hopefully be my geeky diary of sorts.  If something happens in the news that I think is geek-worthy, I’ll write about it.

But this is just as much your geek haven as it is mine.  Some of the best experiences I’ve had are those where someone introduces me to something new, or we bond over different perspectives of the same thing.  So, if there’s something you want to talk about or share, let me know! Reach out on twitter (@queen_geeks) or message me here, and we’ll make it happen!

So sit back, and let’s enjoy the ride.


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